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About Angabinteb

Angabin Ghayour Diet Company was established in 1397 in the growth center of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. Since the dramatic change in the way medical services are provided in developed countries has yielded good results, the company has been inspired by the successful experiences of similar works and the cooperation of prominent university professors with a team of computer programmers. Was able to provide all medical services related to nutritional problems Considering that nutrition is one of the problems of the society today and has caused many problems for the dear people of Iran, it is hoped that this complex will change these food patterns and infrastructure works as a university company, provide these services with the highest quality and the lowest Cost and provide it to you dear ones as soon as possible Providing medical services related to nutrition problems including diet therapy, group therapy, sports psychological counseling, local slimming, obesity surgeries, laboratory and pharmacy services as well as store services (providing healthy and organic foods) At Angbin Teb, we believe that there is a better way for ideal health and fitness. Healthy nutrition is a more valuable and easier method not only for patients but also for all healthy people. In this series, we provide laboratory and pharmacy services and The store allows people to use our services with the highest quality and pay less with online methods without visiting and taking time and energy. This complex is the first and most specialized center for providing nutritional services, which is established and managed by the scientific experience of university professors. The name of this company is the zealous honey diet, which means honey.