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Cardiologist, Angioplasty Balloon fellowship | mashhad

 Dr. Mohsen Mohebati
Dr. Mohsen Mohebati
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Cardiologist, Balloon Angioplasty Fellowship

I am Dr. Mohsen Mohabati, a cardiologist and a member of the faculty of Mashhad University of Medical Science. I have completed a subspecialty fellowship in cardiovascular interventions, including angiography, angioplasty (opening the arteries of the heart through the skin), opening the heart valves, and closing the congenital perforations of the heart, and I have been performing these subspecialty procedures since 2011.

At present, in addition to educating students, I am engaged in medical and research activities in the mornings, and in the evenings I am serving my dear patients in private offices and private hospitals, including Razavi Hospital and Mehr Hospital

In terms of education, I am currently an associate professor at the Mashhad University of Medical Science and 14 years of faculty experience. In terms of research, I have collaborated in more than 60 ISI articles and numerous other articles, likewise being as a supervisor of more than 50 specialized and general dissertations.

In my opinion, prevention precedes treatment, so I have given several lectures on controlling and identifying risk factors, and I always emphasize checking on healthy people to prevent cardiovascular disease.

 In order to advance this goal, one of my most important research projects is to study the Mashhad cohort, phase one and two, with the aim of identifying various genetic, environmental, nutritional and psychosocial risk factors on the incidence of cardiovascular events in the urban population in eastern Iran (Mashhad) Which started in 2015 and is currently underway.

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